I have heard the wants of your sou'ls desires and thus with loving pleasure I have been summoned by your beautiful caressing thoughts to...........

                                          - Pink Leo

We take the utmost pride in bringing you only the very best products for your body's needs. We are of the philosophy that not only must the soul and mind be nurtured but that the body is a sacred living temple that has to also be cherished and nurtured. It embodies your sweet unique essence that makes the beautiful loving You.  

This is but a sweet blend of the ancient cultures of legendary royal baths and elegant dress wear  and the modern cosmopolitan richness that we create everyday through love, courage, understanding, honor, and compassion. Let us not forget the appreciative elegant sophistication and enchanting kind aura of luxury that intertwines our essence.

The aim is to operate with dignity, truth, virtue and earn your respect along with your trust everyday. This is accomplished through the way we operate to meet your personal needs and interact in a meaningful manner with you. We are also all thankful for having the pleasurable opportunity of earning your business.    


1) Meet the needs of others.                                    

2) Act with a high level of ethics, passion, and morality.                    

3) Provide great products at a fair amount that is beneficial to consumers and producers which has the impact to contribute to society and our global economy.

4) Give back to society. If I'm able to succeed it's because of the work and sacrifices of past generations. It's but a beautiful duty to make sure that future generations have much better opportunities than the ones I had.                                

5) Be thankful, happy, smile, and earn a respectable living.                 






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